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May 2023 Archive

How to Choose the Right Load Cell for Your Project

When it comes to measuring force and weight in engineering and industrial applications, load cells play a crucial role. These transducers are designed to convert mechanical force into an electrical signal, enabling accurate measurements in various industries such as manufacturing, aerospace, and automotive. However, with a wide range of load cell types available, it can be challenging to select the right one for your specific project requirements. In this blog, we will explore different types of load cells and provide insights on how to choose the most suitable load cell for your project.

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3 ways magnets can improve efficiency in your new product development

Magnets are powerful components that can improve the efficiency of your new product development process in several ways. From substantial cost savings to bringing business longevity, incorporating magnets into your product can provide numerous benefits! As an entrepreneur you may have your innovative design ready to go, but many beginners in the product development world don’t have the engineering expertise to be able to make their product stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, many entrepreneurs aren’t aware of the different types of magnets that exist. In this blog post, we will explore three ways that magnets can improve efficiency in your new product development and where to go next.

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