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February 2023 Archive

3 positive signs you’re on the path to success as a start-up business

Being a start-up business is entering into a world of the unknown, to some degree. You are potentially new to the market, which means you can only go off your strategy plans and predictions for your first year in business. Or maybe you’ve gained experience of the market in a previous role, but you’re venturing out on your own. Here are three positive signs you are on the path to success as a start-up business, and where to go next…

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Rare earth metals for green energy - what this means for Net Zero

Rare earth metals are a group of elements that aren’t actually ‘rare’ at all. They are in plentiful amounts, found in certain areas of the Earth and the most abundant metals are cerium, yttrium, lanthanum and neodymium. A recent study featured in science publication Joule has found that Earth has enough rare earth metals for the green energy focus - so what does this mean for Net Zero?

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