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The Joy of Six - Magnetic Assembly Style

A magnet assembly incorporates magnet and non-magnet materials, magnetising them together to create a strong magnetic circuit. 

The non-magnet materials tend to incorporate mounting mechanisms and protect the magnet material from damage during use.

Throughout magnet assembly projects, ensuring that proper care is taken at each stage is paramount.

Not only will it enable optimal manufacturing processes, but will result in an excellent product that’s built to last.

But, when starting a magnetic assembly project, what should be considered?

It’s a question our clients often ask, as it’s easy to stumble off the path to magnetic magic.

So, as experts in the field, here’s our the top six elements that’ll help bolt you towards magnetic assembly greatness…

1. Safety
Magnets are incredibly useful and fun, but they aren’t without their hazards! Project safety is of the upmost importance, so plan carefully to mitigate risk.

2. Attachment
Considering the attachment of magnetic assemblies it critical - It needs to be straightforward, sturdy and resistant.
3. Assembly

It’s important to consider the assembly of your product, so you can ensure nothing is missed and doesn’t hold up the project.

4. Sleeving
The sleeve for your magnetic assembly must offer protection for the environment it will be in, so choose carefully to ensure your product has a long, lustrous life.

5. Shape
Once you’ve decided which shape will work best, it’s likely to require bespoke specifications. Plus, understanding your application requirements will make sure the manufacture goes smoothly.

6. Corrosion Protection
Selecting the right corrosion protection is a vital part of planning. If you choose the correct materials for your product from the beginning, you could possibly prevent all damage from corrosion, wear and mechanical impact.

Feeling more confident and ready to connect your dreams to reality? ‘Cause we’ll help you fasten’ up and make things happen.

With over 75 years of magnetic expertise, we are perfectly placed to provide you with the optimum magnetic solution for your project.

We can manufacture a wide range of high performance magnetic materials, finished products and magnetic assemblies, including rare earth, ferrite, alnico and soft ferrites (electromagnets).

Many customers come to us with highly complex requirements, however regardless of the size or difficulty, no project is beyond our capabilities.

Our trailblazing Company President Christ Tyler, explained that “If you’re an entrepreneur with a new idea or an engineer who requires help with a problem, we offer attractive assembly answers based on our wealth of experience in the magnetic field.”

Well, there is a reason we’re known as North America’s answer to magnetic design and assemblies…

Need a magnet manufacturer or complete magnetic assembly? You need TyTek Industries.

Get in touch with our team of specialists today. 


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