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The Appliance of Science

The TyTek Group have taken space in the new Science Centre as a result of their increasing presence in the UK and across Europe "Tytek Skyline

Company President Chris Tyler said: “The decision to move onto the Science Park was an easy one for us and the team there couldn’t do enough to make the transition as smooth as possible. The specialist facilities are ideal for businesses like ours as we enhance our research and development activities. It also allows us to access a multitude of support channels as we continue to improve outcomes for our customers and of course, with our other hat on, to help save lives.”

There are two strands to the TyTek Group’s business. Firstly, TyTek Industries a contract design and manufacturing which has an excellent track record in taking a concept or a technological development, commercializing it and growing it. Secondly TyTek Medical a manufacturer of compact, pre-hospital emergency products, originally for the military but increasingly for civilians.

TyTek Medical’s latest development is PTENSYS – The Platinum Ten System which offers solutions for a range of scenarios in the event of a mass casualty incident.

The largest is a system designed for transport hubs, events and sports stadia, shopping malls and large business spaces to quickly administer life-saving care to trauma victims in a mass casualty incident.

The company developed the customizable cabinets, equipped with key medical equipment stored in kits that can be used to address the immediate life-threatening trauma injuries. The kits can be moved quickly to any safe point and each one folds out to provide innovative side-by-side working and their unique extendable floodlights will help visibility in smoky and badly lit environments.

“Recent medical research has revealed that there is a Platinum ten-minute period after a mass casualty incident. If you can react effectively in this time you will be able to save lives,” explained Chris.

“The problem is many large venues, including train stations, airports and entertainment complexes, don’t have the necessary medical supplies, or as we have seen recently the procedures in place to deal with a scenario of this magnitude. Especially if it is in lockdown”

They also offer smaller Bleeding Control Stations designed to educate, equip and empower people so that they know what to do should they be caught up in a deliberate attack, especially before professional help arrives.

These stations can be wall-mounted in schools, malls and religious sites – Anywhere there are large amounts of people, innocently caught up in a deliberate attack or mass casualty incident. Each Station contains eight Bleeding Control Kits and a disposable litter. The kits are perforated to ensure that they can be detached and opened quickly and easily.

He concluded: “In an ideal world you will never have to use PTENSYS. However, what it does give you is complete peace of mind and a risk mitigation strategy, knowing that should a life-threatening incident occur, everything is on-site to ensure the platinum ten minutes in pre-hospital trauma care is maximized until the emergency services are allowed to gain access to the situation.”

The site also has a dedicated showroom to host visitors and customers, with a feature wall (pictured) that represents the city of Cincinnati where the company’s HQ is based.

For further information call 01902 714943 or visit www.tytekmedical.com/ptensys.com 


TyTek is always looking to work with innovative, talented people with a passion for design. What’s your big idea?