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What are rare earth magnets and their applications? TyTek Industries explains…

Rare Earth Magnets are strong permanent magnets that aren’t actually ‘rare’

Although their title may suggest that they are hard to find, rare earth magnets are actually plentiful around the world and the ‘rare’ term pertains to a classification of certain minerals. They are the strongest type of permanent magnets made, producing significantly stronger magnetic fields than other types such as ferrite or alnico magnets. The two most used rare earth alloys are Neodymium (NdFeB) and Samarium cobalt (SmCo).

Main characteristics of Neodymium (NdFeB): 

  • It’s the most affordable of the two magnets
  • High coercivity (high resistance to being demagnetized)
  • High saturation magnetization; giving the ability for storing large amounts of magnetic energy.

Main characteristics of Samarium cobalt (SmCo):

  • Strong properties but more brittle compare to Neodymium which means they need to be handled correctly
  • Higher Curie temperature; (providing high field strength even at high operating temperatures)
  • Highly resistant to oxidation, corrosion and demagnetisation.

What are the main applications for rare earth magnets?

To the general person, we are unaware of where rare earth magnets are utilized and their significance. But as the market trends in technology and consumer products change, so do the applications of rare earth magnets. The most common applications include: medical devices and technology such as MRI scanners, headphones and speakers, jet engines, roller coasters and many more. More recently, with the net zero agenda being pushed worldwide this has brought a significant increase in demand for wind turbine technology and electric vehicles. Rare earth magnets are heavily utilized here, in starter generators and motors for example, which means that the rare earth magnet market is on the rise. 

TyTek Industries can support you with magnetic assembly and more

When you need a magnet manufacturer or complete magnetic assemblies, you need TyTek Industries. For example, magnet assemblies require qualified, highly experienced manufacturing help in order to ensure their performance and success. We can provide exactly the help you need, when you want magnetic materials and assemblies with no sacrifice in quality or technical support. So how can we deliver low cost and high quality? We have been in the business of producing magnets and magnetic assemblies for two decades and many of our customers come to us with unique challenges that entail designing and producing customized and often very complex magnetic assemblies.

We’ve built a great reputation serving the renewable energy (wind, wave and tidal applications), drive & motion (electrical drives, marine applications, e-mobility & hybrid solutions) and power generation markets. In addition, we serve a wide variety of aerospace, defense, and industrial manufacturing clients. With offices and production facilities in North America and China, our staff of designers, engineers, project and production managers is well positioned and well experienced to serve your magnetic needs every step of the way. We are proud of our NdFeB and assembly facilities in China, as this gives us full control of the actual manufacturing of the magnets all the way through the production process from design through to completion.

We provide our customers with confidence, competitive pricing and a reliable and secure supply chain. As well as this, our large stock in magnets makes it easy to meet short delivery times and with our own test center and laboratory we measure and guarantee the quality and specifications of our magnets before shipment.

Are you looking to find out more about rare earth magnets and assembly? Then discover more here and get in touch to enquire about our end-to-end services - with our expertise you can’t go wrong with TyTek Industries.

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