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Hybrid sales soar as we head to an electric future

Consumers appear to be making more sustainable and eco-friendly choices when it comes to choosing their next car, with new data revealing hybrid car sales have increased by 27 percent in 2021.

Compared to data from last year, the overall market share for hybrid models has now risen by 17 percent, used car dealer Buy a Car has revealed.

Drivers are looking for cleaner alternatives to petrol and diesel, with the motoring experts even claiming that hybrid models now ‘dominate’ petrol and diesel cars where models come with both fuel options.

The data also revealed Toyota’s popular Yaris hybrid model has outselled its petrol variant by three to one.

With an increasing choice of hybrid models available, Peter Gibney, Head of Communications at Buy a Car said it was ‘no surprise’ hybrids are gaining popularity in 2021.

Mr Gibney said: “Plug-in hybrids, in particular, represent a logical choice for anyone interested in moving towards electric as their next choice.

“Many models will cover a typical commute on electric power only, so they provide much of the experience of running an EV but without the range anxiety that remains the biggest block for most people contemplating going electric.

“There’s still a long way to go for motorists to wean themselves off traditional fuels and this month hybrids still only represent around one in 20 sales. But every sign is that the corner is now being turned and hybrids are on the march.”

There was also good news for electric vehicle sales this week, with Carwow revealing it has noticed “record levels” interested in electric vehicles in recent months.

With drivers paying up to ‘three times’ as much to top up their cars with petrol, compared to charging an electric car, they said it was “easy” to see why drivers were steering towards electric vehicles for their next car purchase. 

With car manufacturers vowing to be all-electric by the end of the decade, the new data will be welcome news for the motor industry and it proves that consumers are now starting to jump on the emission-free bandwagon as they steadily become a driving force to an all-electric future. 

Here at TyTek Industries, we recognise the importance of renewable energy. We provide innovative, sustainable solutions for customers who approach us because they recognise the importance of environmentally friendly products. To find out how TyTek Industries can work together with your business, contact our experts today!

For more information about the data, check out: Car sales: Hybrid models are ‘gaining popularity’ with some models outselling petrol cars | Express.co.uk


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