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A portable pouch that will help save a life

In the event of a catastrophic bleed, recent medical research has highlighted the importance of the ‘Platinum Ten Minutes’, which is the crucial time which we can save lives. Every single second counts.

A trauma victim can tragically bleed to death in just five minutes, which is often before even the quickest emergency services can arrive at a scene. 

This is why TyTek Medical created a range of time critical emergency medical supplies, which were originally engineered for military use, but are now available to help civilians with bleeding control.

We have developed a range of products to support our mission to educate, equip and empower people to save a life in those vital ten minutes is our unique Bleeding Control Pouch. 

The bleeding control pouch contains all the vital equipment you need to help stop a bleed with efficiency and ease. This portable pouch can be worn on your belt or be kept in a vehicle – anywhere that is in easy reach. 

The content of the pouch comes complete with instructions; 2 pairs of Nitrile Medical Gloves; 1 Compression Bandage (6”), 2 Z-Fold Gauze; 1 Pair of Piranha Trauma Shears (5.5”), 1 Combat Application Tourniquet; and 1 Black Permanent Marker. 

Complementing our wall-mounted bleed control stations, the pouch provides the option of full mobility alongside the static control locations in civilian environments. Providing both the control stations and the portable pouch, this allows us to cover all possible scenarios in the event of a traumatic bleed in civilian environments.  We are literally on your side!

As we look ahead to National Stop The Bleed Day on May 20th, with an ethos that anyone can be trained and be ready to save someone’s life in the event of trauma, we believe our Bleeding Control Pouch is an incredibly effective piece of equipment for being ready and equipped to save a life due to its versatility.  

The Bleed Control Pouch can be tailored to suit your personal requirements. The pouch can be branded with your company logo and the contents can be amended by our team to comply with various State mandates. 

For more information, contact us to see how we can offer a Bleed Control Pouch to meet your requirements. 


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