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Global manufacturer celebrates 15 years of trading

A British born businessman is celebrating the 15th anniversary of his global manufacturing company.

Chris Tyler, President of TyTek Industries Inc, has worked in industry for almost 50 years on both sides of the Atlantic. His latest venture has matured into a market leader across the globe.

With offices and partners in Cincinnati USA, Ningbo China, Eindhoven Holland and the recent opening of a branch on the former Sunbeam R&D site in Wolverhampton UK, TyTek has grown exponentially since being established at the turn of the century.

Their growth is based on the expertise required to manufacture assemblies of different materials, solving problems for engineers across the world.

Chris said: “We’ve worked hard to see things from our customers’ point of view. Seeing things from their perspective allows us to anticipate, advise and provide timely responses. We always draw on our own deep manufacturing experiences thereby providing a great service and preventing costly mistakes and delays.”

Honoured with the Freedom of the City of London, Solihull born Chris is respected for recognizing the enormous potential and changing Western attitudes in utilizing qualified, proven, perfectly suited Chinese factories to engineer and manufacture high quality components and products, at pricing that cannot be matched anywhere in the world.

His huge breadth of experience also allowed him to understand that maintaining the highest quality standards was only possible if there was direct supervision of all manufacturing in China by TyTek personnel fluent in both English and Mandarin Chinese.

This understanding has assisted his growing customer base. Alongside traditional automotive customers he has diversified the business and also works with the smallest entrepreneurs seeking expertise to manufacture new products to multi-national engineering companies looking for innovative solutions to magnetic assembly issues.

This year TyTek have already showcased product and been a keynote speaker in conferences in Jacksonville, US and Abu Dhabi covering subjects from magnetic assembly to medical assistance for first responders.

Chris added: “The first 15 years of TyTek has flown by, we have grown from humble beginnings and I now have a true family business that involves my two sons and daughter. Added to this we have a cohort of experts in their field, that makes us a very attractive proposition for customers.”

Alongside TyTek Industries, there are two further companies in the group – TyTek Medical who manufacture pre-hospital emergency medical equipment for first responders and TyTekBakker who manufacture custom magnetic assemblies, specializing in quality-critical industries including renewable energy, power generation and electric drive and motion.


TyTek is always looking to work with innovative, talented people with a passion for design. What’s your big idea?