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Why Bleeding Control Equipment Is So Important Within Places Of High Footfall.

Carrying on from the devastating Manchester Arena attacks, another inquiry has been made by the family of a young girl, whose life could’ve been saved, had the proper bleeding control equipment have been available within the venue. Information from the inquiry suggests that there were no tourniquets applied to the young girls leg wounds, by neither the paramedics on the scene or once she arrived at the hospital. In light of this, we want to share with you the importance of having bleeding control equipment available in places of high footfall, such as large venues and stadiums across the globe.


What is Bleeding Control Equipment?

Here at TyTek Medical we manufacture compact, pre-hospital emergency medical supplies for trauma care. Our proven emergency medical products were engineered for military medics to provide emergency first aid, but are now available to help you with military style wounds in civilian environments.


Where Should We Find This Equipment?

Our Bleeding Control Stations have proven extremely popular as they are used world wide in public spaces such as, transport hubs and corporate buildings. They are specifically designed to provide quick access to the bleeding control kits; should an incident occur the roll of 8 kits hang to allow individual kits torn off to allow them to be distributed as required quickly.


Why Do We Need This Equipment?

 With the number of fatal attacks on the rise we believe (along public key public health officials) that it’s vital for everyone to bring emergency preparedness to the forefront of their thinking. Many companies are starting to understand the importance of providing preparedness equipment and mass casualty training to prevent the loss of life and prioritize their duty to care.


Do You Need To Be Trained To Use This Equipment?

 Each Bleeding Control product contains an instruction card to help you attend to a trauma victim, alongside the necessary emergency supplies - two pairs of Nitrile Medical Gloves, one compression bandage, two Z-Fold Gauze, one pair of Piranha Trauma Shears, one Windlass Tourniquet and one Black Permanent Marker.


Visit our ‘Education Hub’ to discover how YOU could control severe bleeding with our informative videos, as we continue our mission to #educate, #equip and #empower! https://www.tytekmedical.com/education-hub


In conclusion, we can see that the demand for Bleeding Control Equipment is something that should be at the forefront of venues emergency and risk planning. These simple and compact products have the ability to save lives, and to restrict severe bleeding even without any medical training. These products can should be readily available alongside First Aid Kits, so that many more lives can be saved before emergency services arrive.

For more information on our Bleeding Control Products, please contact us https://tytekmedical.com/contact



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