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Making the most out of your digital marketing strategy during Covid-19

The outbreak of Covid-19 has fundamentally transformed the way in which companies across the world do business. Whether your company has temporarily halted all operations or has decided to implement a telework routine, your digital marketing strategy should become a priority.

The digital world provides an abundance of opportunities for businesses, from showcasing your brand to potential customers to hosting virtual webinars. This week’s blog will help you understand basic but effective digital marketing techniques. So, what are we waiting for? It’s time for you to become a digital marketer!

  1. Home in on trending topics on social media

This requires you to do some social research, visit your social media pages to see which hashtags are being used regularly and what topics are trending.

We want to create content that focuses on these keywords and topics. Businesses that do this successfully, have an excellent opportunity to connect with a new audience and build strong, long-lasting relationships.

Before you begin, ask yourself these two key questions:

Do we have the credibility or authority to add value on this topic? Make sure your brand can resonate with the trending topic.

Is it appropriate? The topic should fit well with your company’s ethos.

  1. Make your audience aware that you’re still open for business

Many potential customers may presume your business has completely shut down due to the virus. It’s imperative that you make people aware that you’re still contactable to discuss products and services.

You can make your contact number visible on social media, set up a contact page on your website or make people aware that they can message you via social media. This will not only show that you’re dedicated to your customers but also help you build new customer relationship.

  1. Replace your upcoming events with webinars

Even before public gatherings were suspended by the government, many businesses had already decided to switch their events to live streaming or webinars.

Hosting a webinar is a fantastic way to generate content for your company's online presence. It not only gives you the benefit of highly valuable video content that can be shared around or referenced where necessary, but it’s also great for later converting into blog posts, Q&A content, and much more.

  1. Encourage the customer to write online reviews

Many businesses have long-standing relationships with their customers and receive regular face-to-face feedback, although businesses regularly have limited online reviews.

Whilst most of the population are working from their desktops or laptops, take this an opportunity to speak with your customers about leaving a review on google. This will not only help your business gain credibility online but also boost your organic Google ranking. Alongside google reviews, there is also Facebook reviews and Trust Pilot that customers from many different industries actively use.

  1. Continue networking

The ability to network in order to develop, or make new contacts, is another area of business that has been dramatically impacted by the coronavirus outbreak.

While reaching out to people virtually can feel daunting, it’s a great way to connect with potential customers and like-minded businesses. There are many online applications that can help you connect with your desired audience, one of the most popular is LinkedIn. This website/app gives you the ability to search businesses directly or browse businesses within a particular sector.

COVID-19 is creating challenges for businesses all over the world. But remember, this situation is temporary. Its important businesses stick together – from a distance – and continue providing value to potential customers. Stay healthy, stay positive and keep your digital marketing efforts going.


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